ZenmaX Taikiken Natural Tuning workshop in the Czech Republic, Autumn  2025

CZ Taikiken Natural Tuning 2017 'Shinrin-Yoku' - ‘Forest bathing'

Train in and with nature, as Takiken is meant to be, optimize your natural inborn skills, and apply them intuitively. Taikiken is not only effective as a martial art, but can be applied in everything you undertake in your daily life.

The Japanese call it 'Shinrin-Yoku' - ‘Forest bathing' and forest air not only feels fresher and better, phytoncide inhalation seems to functionally improve your immune system. It is proven that it reduces your heart rate and blood pressure, reduces your stress hormone production, boosts your immune system, and improves your overall feeling of well-being.

'Kangen ryoku,' training with the omnidirectional forces in nature. Relaxation by effort, intense moving, and at the same time de-stressing your hectic modern life.

Taikiken Natural Tuning Workshops 2025 - Czech Republic: Autumn week, September 

Workshop location: Hotel Zamecek, Hrensko, Czech Republic.
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Sporttain X-Treme

The fitness landscape and fashion trends change quickly, after the luxurious health and sports clubs five years ago, we started a total new fitness adventure. At present the industrial look is hot, rough factories equipped with steel RTX cages, huge tractor tires, demolition hammers, and Kettlebells. Demolition-style obstacle courses, consisting of containers, buckets, scrap cars, and scaffolding parts, challenge you to extraordinary physical and mental performances. Russian X-Treme street workout hangouts introduce a totally new trend of spending free time, training and chilling, good music, healthy food, and drinks. And above all to push physical, mental, and spiritual limits and impress each other to build super sexy trained body with extreme sportive skills. Experimenting with innovative combinations of movement, agility, and strength, and share it via social media.


X-treme fitness workout, Russian style street gymSporttain is a network for people who are both private and professional looking for more knowledge and insight in the field of Selfness, self-defense, and life vitality!
Sporttain connects people who are physically, mentally, and spiritually engaged in the essential elements of life, such as sustainability, health, and happiness.
The approach of Sporttain seminars, workshops, and training is sustainable and innovative, sometimes confrontational, but always with a liberating smile.
MMA--X-Treme-Bootcamp-special, hot fitness girlsFor example, you can take the challenge to work with a personal trainer on your "to-do" wish list (Bucket List), a step that you on your own might not have the strength and motivation for. You can do book a single, double or triple personal training! Then you go according to your choice alone, in pairs or three to work on a challenge and realize a dream together. Seminars and workshops can give you more knowledge and insight on some life issues that you struggle with. Of maybe you just want to have a martial arts or qigong workout with a group of like-minded people. Sporttain has a wide range of activities and if we can’t fill in your wishes ourselves, we have a wide network of fellow trainers, coaches and speakers available, which is a benefit of over forty years of training and coaching experience.
Are you interested in what outfit you need for your martial arts training, have a look at 
  bol.com which has a wide range of martial arts items.

Ibiza ZenmaX Natural Tuning retreats on Ibiza, Physical, Mental and Spiritual defensiblity workshops

Ibiza ZenmaX Natural Tuning retreats on Ibiza
ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness, physical, mental and spiritual detox, unique energizing Self-Rehab retreats on Ibiza, to regrow and empower your original Self.  Body Orientated Mindfulness is high-impact Self-Empowerment to restore your Selfness in relationships and daily life.
It boosts up your internal strength depleted by a wide range of habits and addictions! 

Program: Internal martial arts, Taikiken, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, Taoist Yoga /stretching, massage, Taoist cleansing exercises and more! The next Natural Tuning on Ibiza is planned for October/November 2025 
Place: Gazebo mansion, Cap Martinet, Ibiza, Spain
Price: from € 900 - € 1100,-p.p. / week (depending on the room: shared or single; excl. travel expenses)Price: € 475,-p.p. / week (without accommodation, only training with detox refreshments, raw delights, healthy veggie brunches & dinners; (excl. travel expenses) Special made to measure VIP programs available.  More information TheFeel.org  

Nelson Mandela, South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist, boxer

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist, he was President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

A man with boxing and life passion, Nelson Mandela was an avid fan of the sport of boxing. In his younger years, he was fighting with the greatest champions of his time. Mandela was a master in the noble art of boxing in and outside the ring.

“My greatest regret in life is that I never became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world."Nelson Mandela

Lucia Rijker, Boxing, Kickboxing, Empowerment Training

Lucia Rijker 6X World Champion Boxer, Kick-boxer, and Actress. Motivational Speaker and Coaching since 2005
She remains busy giving lectures and seminars to athletes and people from all walks of life to perform their best, while still maintaining a Healthy Aware Lifestyle. Stay updated about upcoming events Lucia: https://www.facebook.com/Rijkerstriker/

ZenmaX Taikiken training

The regular Taikiken training on Wednesday night in the Marcanti College, Jan v. Galenstraat 31, Amsterdam has stopped. Ron and Nadja are currently residing in Ibiza/Czech Rep, where they work on their ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness, a Self-Rehab concept in which they unify tested elements of martial arts, business training and ancient Taoism! It is expected that the concept will be launched somewhere in 2019!

More information: www.martrix.org

Russian Fighter, Fedor Emelianenko MMA and Sambo

Fedor Emelianenko MMA

Bellator MMA: Fedor vs. Bader The Perfect Ending To The Heavyweight Grand Prix. It’s not the ending everyone expected, but a Fedor Emelianenko vs. Ryan Bader match-up makes so much sense for everyone involved.

When Bellator announced its heavyweight tournament at the start of last year, it was met with tons upon tons of responses. With speculation about who would win, and what the final match-up would be. As the year 2018 has gone on and we finally have our final match-up for the Bellator heavyweight championship, we can absolutely look back and say that this is a fantastic ending to what was a weird tournament.

Being on opposite sides of the bracket it was always known that Fedor Emelianenko and Ryan Bader could fight, but it always fell into the weird category of fights that could come in the final. It was also far from expected. 

Ryan Bader vs Fedor Emelianenko fighting for the Bellator heavyweight title on January 26 at The Forum in Los Angeles, California.

ZenmaX pro Corporate vitality and defensibility

ZenmaX pro Corporate vitality and defensibility
ZenmaX pro training focuses on the development and effectiveness of people in organizations. Sporttain provides customized programs in Dutch and English. ZenmaX pro training is for entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and organizations that are seeking knowledge and understanding in the area of vitality and resilience.

With Sporttain Management training, you can choose from several ready-made programs of one or more sessions, in consultation with the advisors a customized program can be compiled. The direction during training lies in the hands of the management training team. They are facilitator, trainers, developers and guardians of the workouts. The team focuses on personal and group feedback, training suits silently, and can quickly switch between individual attention and group dynamics.

WomaX Self-defense for woman

WomaX Self-defense for woman

WomaX is especially for women and is given by female instructors. In this training, all forms of self-defense are dealt with as a woman, you can use in your personal and work situations. The central theme is not "Can you fight?" But "Do you dare to stand up for yourself?" The training ensures that you are going to take your natural space. You will feel strong and visible. Read more…

MMA and Sambo legend Fedor Emelianenko trains on the bellicon with Remy Draaier.

Bellicon JustBounce
Remy Draaijer developer and owner of Just Bounce, bellicon.nl traveled especially to Moscow to deliver two bellicon trampolines to MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko and his brother Alexander Emelianenko.
Both Russian MMA fighters used the bellicon during their training camp in Special Sports (Heathcity premium)  in the Netherlands, where Remy introduced them to this new phenomenon of training, they were very excited about the possibilities for their MMA workouts. http://www.bellicon.nl/trampoline-shop/

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