ZenmaX edu.

Regiotop Martial art training with ZenmaX edu

ZenmaX edu. martial art training for schools and youth organizations.
ZenmaX edu. is a modern martial art concept, ideal for schools as part of their regular physical education program. 

ZenmaX edu. physical and mental training adds essential skills and knowledge to the traditional sport education program.Designed for young people, as an inspiring journey through the internal and external martial arts landscape, an active training with a spiritual touch of Taoism and Buddhism. 

In a challenging way they learn the basics and principles of various martial arts. Kicks, punches, defense, throws, break falls secret tricks, they will encounter them all.

The pupils and students learn to overcome their limits, but also to show their personal boundaries and to defend them with firmness.
They are stimulated to stand up for themselves, for who they are and what they stand for in life.
And say honestly: what is more fun and challenging than a martial arts training with a group of friends?

Sporttain offers customized ZenmaX edu. training and workshops for schools and youth organizations.

ZenmaX edu., martial arts with profundity! 
ZenmaX edu. as a modern martial art: soft with a factor hard, active in silence, flexible in firmness, deliberately intuitive, subtle freedom guiding, depth, feeling, self-confidence, expressiveness and passion, detached connected, harmony and vitality, openness, felt sense, moved, patience, inner peace, independence, character, intuitively connected, courage, targeted goals, clarity, compassion, giving, care, health, body orientated mindfulness, resilience, empowerment, assertiveness, defensibility.

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