Sporttain WomaX selfdefense training

Womax is a self-defense training specially designed for girls & women. You learn to deal with threat, fear, and uncertainty and protect boundaries. 
The WomaX motto is not “Can you fight?” But "Do you dare to stand up for yourself?" These lessons make you physically and mentally resilient.
These are lessons that you can use forever with a smile. It already gives confidence to work with a group of girls or women in a relaxed, fun way with such an exciting and serious topic as selfdefense.

The training ensures that you’re going to fill in your natural space, so you feel strong and seen.
The training teaches you to:
•  Recognize your physical, social and emotional boundaries
•  Identify the different stages of a conflict
• Defend yourself by using deescalating techniques

In addition to the WomaX, ZenmaX Training offers the opportunity to take part in various martial arts activities.
Caution! Special Womax offers, customized workshops for organizations and schools.

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