MMA--X-Treme-Bootcamp-special training with giant tractor times.

Sporttain X-Treme Fitness and body building trends change quickly. At present the industrial look is super hot, old factories and industrial areas with rugged metal RTX cages, giant tractor tires, demolition hammers and Kettlebells. Demolition obstacle courses, build from old containers, buckets, scrap cars and steel scaffolding, challenge you to reach extraordinary physical, mental and spiritual achievements. Russian X-Treme street workout hangouts introduce a totally new trend of spending free time, work out and chill with good music, healthy food and drinks. Going beyond physical, mental and spiritual boundaries, moving off the beaten path, impressing each other with super sexy bodies and extreme skills. Experimenting with innovative combinations of movement, agility and strength, to share it via social media.

MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko
Video clip about Fedor Emelianenko at work with his training partners at Special Sports (Health City Premium) Amstelveen. For years Fedor used this location as his training camp to prepare himself for his MMA fights.
Update: Fedor Emelianenko will soon return on American soil. The legendary Russian MMA champion will fight on February 18 at Bellator 172 in San Jose, California, his opponent will be former UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione. Bellator announced the fight during the broadcast of Bellator 165, announcer Sean Grande revealed that Emelianenko has signed a multi-fight deal.

Get inspired by this Crazy workout motivation video of Russian personal coach and football player Alexander Khokhlov! Extreme exercises that a number of years ago, would be beyond the limits of the possible training.

Street Workout in Russia & Ukraine - Who needs a Gym?

 In this video you will witness a new fitness revolution in Eastern Europe called “Street Workout". The video starts with images of people lounging on a perfect sunny day at the beach, then a group of men and women enjoy them together while warming up in a small park, a workout with happy faces. Super fit people doing endless push-ups and exercise on iron bars and use them to stretch their bodies. You will see athletic muscular men strength workouts do on iron beams or calisthenics on a horizontal bar, women walking on tense strings, doing splits and train with kettle-bells while spectators making videos to post on the Internet or simply as a reference for their own training!

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