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Examples of Sporttain training concepts are: 

ZenmaX brings the best of ancient Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and contemporary spirituality together.

WomaX This training (specifically designed for women) offers several forms of defensibility, which a woman can use physically and mentally, in private and work environment. Handling threatening moments when you have are foced to defend yourself and act physically.

ZenmaX edu "Stand up for yourself" An empowerment/ social skills training for teenagers, who are vulnerable to bullying and/or have difficulty in social interaction with peers.

ZenmaX gold This training for the elderly is taught in an effective but safe way, how to deal with uncertainty, anxiety and aggression in everyday life.

ZenmaX guard A high impact defensibility training based on Mixed forms of Martial Arts, the key elements are, coordination, speed, flexibility, strength, endurance and perseverance.

ZenmaX intense Sporttains own philosophy of training for natural strength, outside work outs in the open, back to nature.

ZenmaX pro A business trainingin which you will learn to distinguish between giving attention and attention-seeking situation and people in the workplace. 

ZenmaX pro safety A response business trainings for staff of enterprises and organizations outside the security industry.

ZenmaX flex Bringing different Yoga forms  together in a balanced concept for different age groups. There is flex training for children, adults and the older ones.

ZenmaX Rehab A coaching concept that focuses on clearing blockages, spiritually, mentally and physically. In most ancient Martial Arts it states that "if you blockages clean up your chi (life vitality) flows naturally.

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