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Longevity (Getting healthy and happy and how to stay it)

Taoists and immortality, formerly most ancient Taoist sects believed in immortality. However, for modern Taoists immortality refers to longevity. In Chinese thinking translated as "How can I become 100 years old" The number "100" in Taoism is seen as an indication of a very long time period. Taoists believe that with proper longevity training you can retain the original state of mind of a child for a lifetime, in other words a long, healthy and happy life.For many Westerners longevity is best known as the American concept of healthy and active aging. It is seen as a branch of preventive medicine, which focuses to keep a person fit and healthy as long as possible through active lifestyles and nutrition.How we physically, mentally and spiritually behave and how and what we eat determines to a large extent our overall health. Although there is a genetic predisposition, even then, there is often a decisive factor in lifestyle needed which ensures that it is reflected in a particular disease.Everything seems that the term longevity is mostly about “longevity," however, the focus is more focused on a better quality of life and less on the quantity. 

ZenmaX Longevity, an alchemical lifestyle, teaches you how to add quality of life to your years. So it is not just about adding extra years to your life, but especially to improve the quality of life you have left to go.
A ZenmaX alchemist lifestyle means that you collect the right ingredients for an energetic and healthy life. Diet, exercise, work, entertainment, philosophy, environment, etc., ZenmaX Longevity brews them into a golden elixir for longevity!

But a longevity lifestyle is not easy to put into practice in a society where commercialism often comes before health and happiness!

Be your own Guru
, making your own choices is more than worth it! Begin to act as an urban warrior, always looking for power that reflects you!
Longevity is not only what you do well for yourself, but also that you think about what you’re doing wrong and thus causes damage in the long run!ZenmaX Longevity calls this prudent avoidance, what you do not damage at first, you do not later not solve later on!

“Prudent avoidance, when a cure is later on is not available.” 

Bad habits and addictions are usually planted in your behavior as innocent little seeds which grow over the years into adult life consuming monsters! For safety reasons, avoiding bad habits an addictions is one of the pillars of longevity!

Longevity is an implicit lifestyle, if you are born in a health-conscious, harmonious family and a natural living environment, you've made a good start, you unknowingly passes to the next generations. However, if you're one of the millions born in an artificial, commerce-driven society, you need to bring on a basis longevity by yourself! Or you can join a 'Tribe’ of health and happiness oriented people who share knowledge and skills. Generally countries and cities that are most mutated and polluted offer the largest variety of health stores, health and spiritual initiatives. Own choice stays important, it is essential to be your own guru, look for the Longevity ingredients that fits your situation and physically, mentally and spiritually.Become a sustainable urban warrior, dispose yourself of anything that keeps you from being healthy and in harmony with what is by nature!ZenmaX Longevity gives you practical tools and the to consciousness work  simultaneously on your physical, mental and spiritual well-being!

The purpose of ZenmaX alchemical longevity lifestyle to suit your personal rhythms of nature!Escape modern society and the associated stress, experiencing “pure life spirit" driven by the forces of the universe.Practitioners of longevity can grow into a kind of sages because they are able to continue to stimulate themselves and cultivate; a long life in itself the proof of mastery and the union with what is by nature. Outwardly a healthy and attractive appearance, inwardly a flowing energy source that manifests itself as a charismatic appearance and an attractive force for its surroundings!Zenmax longevity, is the basis of all Natural Tuning retreats, workshops and seminars and is now also available via Skype consultation.
ZenmaX longevity includes not only an awareness concerning your personal physical, mental and spiritual self, it is also about awareness of your environment where you are inseparable from!

ZenmaX longevity is also applicable to products and business enterprises, if you can bring your products and services in resonance with what is by nature can bring, it will have a positive impact on the environmental footprint of your business.

Taoism and Longevity
Very long ago, a traveler met with ten old men; All more than a hundred years old, all powerful and spirited; With honesty and sincerity, he rushed forward to hear the secrets of their respectable age.

The first, turned his beard and said: “I drink and do not smoke."

The second replied, smiling: “I take a walk after meat."

The fourth, with a stick in his hand, said, "I spent all my time walking rather than driving. "

The fifth, straightening his sleeves, said: "I myself have always taken part in physical labor."

The sixth, in a posture of yin-yang regulation, said: "I practice shadow boxing every day."

The seventh, rubbing his big nose, said: "I always open the windows to let in fresh air."

The eighth, his short beard stroking, said: "I'm going to bed early and get up early."

The ninth, his red cheeks caressing, said, "I'm going to sunbath and let my skin tan."

The tenth, frowned, said: “I have always kept myself far from worry."

Excellent explanations of ten wise old men, one by one to reveal their secrets.
If you bring them with sincerity in practice, you will surely enjoy longevity.

The concept to be 100 years old, Longevity in 5 steps:

1. Knowing your limits
Before you do anything else, you have to discover yourself. This must, of course be done in a young age a possible. Discovering yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, will lead to a better understanding. "Knowing your body, mind and spirit is important to be able to listen to your inner voice."

Taoists start at a young age to train martial arts to discover themselves and to understand their limits, which is the first step on the internal path.

2. Building up
Before you reach the mid-age, it is important to store energy reserves. A healthy body, mind and spirit to maintain by exercising. It is important to seek and to reduce stress, and disruptions in daily life by doing daily meditation exercises. Relax your body, mind and spirit regularly and you will never be ill. Don’t neglect your “inner voice" (desires).

3. Never stray from your path
Nothing is forgiven. Once or twice maybe will not matter much, but it will never be erased. What happens to yourself is permanent, one illness, one sunburn everything is remembered. Be careful in the summer and winter, putting yourself in danger. Consequences are the most important feature when it comes to training. Do not expect to reap fruits of your labors. Everything will come natural.

4. Being younger
After mid-age one you begin to become younger again. The fruit of constant practice and taking responsibility for themselves clearly. Internal exercises have now a greater importance. ZenmaX, Taikiken and Qi Gong are your tools to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you Taoist life began later in life, you must first complete the points mentioned above.

5. Return to the source
At some point, everyone must die. Taoists refer to the "return to the source" By living your life as long as and healthy as possible you will gain a greater knowledge than anyone. Your life will a long adventure be with a lot to offer. Living without regret and sharing wisdom with the younger generations. Taoists who have followed the path of immortality will not regret it when they return to the source. We all get at  the train some other time or the other, how long you want to enjoy the ride is yours.

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