The Sporttain platform does through inspiring sport, health and entertainment concepts an appeal on your curiosity, reflection and urge for a more sporting, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. If these elements are then integrated into everyday life, they can the best remedy for the uncertain times in which we live.

The Sporttain approach of sport, health and entertainment is innovative, sometimes confrontational, but always with a liberating laughter. The content, process and context in which you will work on your health and mental wellbeing, combines everything into one personal development adventure.
Sporttain is, therefore, able to influence the entire physical and mental awareness process in all its aspects, coaches and trainers are focussed and educated to make a success of each event or personal training.
Sporttain has a large network of martial arts specialists, health specialists and business trainers from home and abroad.

Sporttain founders Ron Nansink and Nadja Kotrchova did develop a number of ZenmaX modules based on proven methods from internal martial arts such as Taikiken and Tai Chi Quan, Qigong and various Taoist meditation forms. 

The ZenmaX exercises are often performed in flow-motion, so they feel like a form of moving meditation. ZenmaX can be seen as a unique unification of ancient internal martial arts, life sciences and forms of personal development such as Longevity, Mindfulness, Flow, Oneness, NLP, Reiki , etc. 

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