Discover your strength in your work environment

Sporttain focuses on companies and institutions who are looking for practical knowledge and insight in the field of vitality and resilience i.
Sporttain does with it’s ZenmaX courses an appeal on your curiosity, reflection to become more vital and to work more relaxed. If that new insights are then shared with your employer, then ZenmaX line training can be the best remedy for the uncertain times in which we live.

The approach of our training is, sometimes confrontational, but always with a liberating laughter. 
Thereby providing ZenmaX pro training an inspiring learning environment for leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Sporttain provides short and long ZenmaX pro training for large and small groups and through ZenmaX PT also on an individual basis.

Sporttain, of course, also provides training specifically tailored to the needs of your business or organization.

….. ZenmaX pro assertivity training in the work environment.

….. ZenmaX pro safety training in Company 

ZenmaX pro made to measure 

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