Personal Training


In consultation with a ZenmaX personal trainer or mentor, you can make a tailor-made program.
For example, it is possible to put your own of  Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ together  with an experienced ZenmaX mentor.
Together with your 
ZenmaX mentor you fill in your “ to do wish list," something you alone maybe don’t have the strength and motivation for. 
Sporttain offers you to book your single, double or triple personal training. It’s your choice to work alone, with someone or with three persons and a personal trainer to reach your target.

Sporttain works with certified personal trainers, each with its specialty, from fitness gurus, MMA champions to management trainers.
Sporttain personal training is a health concept that focuses on the three basic elements of life:
Physical (force, mobility and health)
Mental (self-esteem, confidence and accountability)
Spiritual (feeling, happiness a
nd contentment)

After a thorough intake, the personal trainer determines  your objectives and together you set out a path. Then the coach looks which disciplines and combination of training suits your goals best, but also suits your needs as human beings. Every person is different, so the coaching process differs from person to person.

Of course you can choose to do any other Sporttain ZenmaX module with your personal trainer on a 1 to 1 basis!

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