Early morning ZenmaX Natural Tuning exercise, blindfolded walking in nature, to boost all your senses!

ZenmaX is Body Orientated Mindfulness, an alchemistical fusion of Taikiken, Tai Chi, Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism
ZenmaX consists of three parts:

Health of body, mind, and consciousness, if all three levels in good health, you can have a rich life and do the things you want. 
Aiming for an interesting and meaningful life, means that by practicing the ZenmaX model, you make inventory and balance in your life and if necessary make adjustments. You gather insights about the dynamics of life, as one continuous flow of events, from conception to death.
Martial arts in special Taikiken will form the basis of Zenmax, you thoroughly develop combat skills that can be applied  in practically all situations of life. 
You develop a balanced attitude to life, in which you act in uncertain and threatening situations and compete successfully.
ZenmaX rebalances your San Bao, your three units of Self: Protoself, Coreself and Autobiographical self,  the aim is to bring them to full freedom of movement. ZenmaX teaches you to focus your attention and experience the accompanying sense. ZenmaX uses kination, imagination and the perceived perception as agent. Standing meditation (Ritsu Zen) testing power (Yuri), and power release (hakkei) are an important part of the training.
ZenmaX can be applied successfully in the professional world of sports, business training and personal coaching. 

Not only practicable in stress or conflict situations, but also similar effective in all other circumstances in your daily life.
Experience how ZenmaX as a contemporary 
way of living reflects the brilliant philosophical brilliance of the ancient Taoist wisdom.
ZenmaX is a form of serious gaming, passionate, compassionate and effective participation in life itself, if you understand it like this, it can be considered that you have understood the true essence of life as an intrinsically ZenmaX game!..

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